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Tom is Hiring an Assistant

11/29/21 • by Team Tom

Deadline to apply is December 6, 2021

Los Angeles, CA. Full Time (REMOTE)
Your expertise shapes our music-making business.

** Please email a resume and links to your work to: **

Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, is looking for a versatile technical assistant like YOU!

As a Junior, you’ll be at the forefront of Tom’s technical prowess and act as his right-hand person. Your role is to nurture a seamless relationship with Tom, the team and with the people involved with our projects.

You are: Eager to combine your organizational culture with Tom’s vision and virtuosity. You never stop learning and you thrive on constant change in the world of many opinions. You have a strong understanding of Cubase and Protools and are adept at reading music. You are proficient in writing emails and arranging google documents, drives and file management.

We are: A team that thrives on integrity and inspiring work ethic. We foster our ongoing relationships in the film business with well-known directors and studios and encourage new projects and off-kilter assignments to broaden our range and help us create differently. Tom has the drive to reimagine what’s possible and share that knowledge with the next generation of composers and is looking to build not just an exceptional team but a family.

Together we’ll be: A passionate composing team, developing groundbreaking music for films, television series, video games and more. Working collaboratively and creatively as part of a close-knit production. You will be a big part of the development process from end to end: consulting with Tom directly, communicating effectively with all members of Tom’s team, and seamlessly making sure everything runs smoothly.

What you will do (essential responsibilities):

● Precise in file management and documents.
● Has excellent organizational skills on all levels.
● Is able to adhere to naming structures and orderly practices.
● Takes on a lot of responsibility and takes initiative.
● Can assist in lower-level Tech support (Plugin Licensing Errors, VEP routing and setup, general Windows 10 operations, Cubase bugs and features).
● Collaborates and communicates with all assistants working with Tom, music editors working on the film, orchestrators working on the film, and Production Studios for archival of previous projects.
● Can create organized Google documents and navigate google suite.
● Is able to set up Picture sessions in Cubase (Understands Cubase Synchronization and Midi).
● Is in charge of all file management regarding picture and all music generated for a film (Sound Design, Kontakt Instruments, Synth Presets etc.).
● Capable of proofreading and cross checking the scores against the programmed audio used to build Pro-Tools sessions for recording.
● Is able to handle remote recording sessions and deliverables between soloists, who may not use Cubase or Protools, and Tom. (Creating Reference Tracks, Recording Stems, Click tracks and alt-clicks).
● Is able to build Pro-Tool sessions for orchestra recording and final dub.
● Is able to synth master all programming in Cubase to an Audio only Mix session.
● Create dub stems from mix sessions for the final dub.
● Distributes built picture sessions among assistants and Tom.
● Collaborates with other assistants when help is required.

This role requires hands-on work in the following technologies:
Cubase, Pro-tools, Sibelius, all MAC OS software

Qualifications and requirements:

● Fluent in Cubase and Pro-Tools
● Fluent in Google Suites
● Private home studio
● U.S. Citizenship

** Please email a resume and links to your work to: **