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Tom Awarded RUTGER HAUER AWARD at Shortcutz Amsterdam

01/24/23 • by Team Tom

Awarded to a role model for the new generation of filmmakers or an institution that has made an extraordinary effort to develop and promote new Dutch film talents, Tom receives RUTGER HAUER AWARD.

Tom has been recognized by Dutch film institution Shortcutz Amsterdam receiving the RUTGER HAUER AWARD. The prize is a limited-edition photo of Rutger Hauer, made and signed by renowned photographer and film director Anton Corbijn.

This award went previously to film director Paul Verhoeven and to the project ‘Kort!’, a programme for new talent that has produced 200 short films in 20 years and Martin Koolhoven.

Maarten Treurniet, on behalf of the Shortcutz Board, states:

“After years of being one of the leading film composers in the Netherlands, he has now risen to the top in the United States. His relentless work ethic and musical talent have taken him to great heights. He is a Grammy-nominated multi-platinum producer, musician and composer whose versatility is at the cutting edge of contemporary music, and his thirst for innovation is reshaping the world of composition. He is an inspiration to a great many new creators. The board of the Shortcutz Foundation has decided to award the Rutger Hauer Award 2023 to Tom Holkenborg (Junkie XL).”