Video Games, January 2021

FIFA '18

"The Journey" Original Score

"A movie is a horizontal storyline. A movie starts and a movie ends. But a video game is a vertical experience and it is driven by the the player’s ability. So, as a composer, you don’t know where exactly it will go. The challenge is coming up with music that will work regardless of the player’s ability. It’s some technical wizardry."

Hunter Returns is a story-focused mode in FIFA 18. ... The Journey - Hunter Returns follows Hunter's second season as a pro and will see him playing matches, taking part in training, talking to friends, and making big decisions.




Tom Holkenborg


Electronic Arts

Release Date

September 29, 2017

Electronic Arts
Release date
September 29, 2017

    1. Brave as a Lion

    2. Make It Count

    3. Runs in the Family

    4. Risky Move

    5. Star Treatment

    6. A New Galaxy

    7. I'm a Hunter

    8. The Journey Begins

    9. The Williams Is Back

    10. No More Stealth Mode